Bianchi Pista

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Did you hear that last year this Bianchi Pista model annual quota sold very fast? Perhaps you are asking yourself why and if the bike indeed deserves all the praise it is getting. The bike’s frame is not made from the common butted tubing frame; the butted tubing is no match for the one used in this bike. The frame is made from a plain, heavy, gauge TIG-welded tubing that makes it withstand the high lateral forces applied on the velodrome. The asking price for this bike is apparently cheaper for its beauty. You might find the chrome finishing a little nagging during winter months, since you’ll have to clean and polish to curb the effect of road salt.

The bike does not have a rear break mounting calliper and thus the law only allows you to use it with the supplied fixed sprocket, but not a single speed freewheel. Nevertheless, if you are creative enough, you can modify this by drilling the link between the chain-stays to position an older-styled bottle-on calliper.

Customer Review

Bianchi bikes are not only flashy, but they also come with racing pedigree to justify the good looks. This bike too is eye catching to cyclists and both casual bystanders and pedestrians. I’ve ridden the standard chrome pista, and it is great, though I don’t like the chrome finish. I think the light-green Pista Via Condotti theme of the same variation is unmatched. The colour is pretty and standout among the rest.

The bike is heavier than many I’ve ridden before, probably because it has a double butted steel frame. But this weight is nothing compared to its supple feel once you are riding. The handlebars are intuitively designed and a slow feel of then is limber and shrewd. This is coupled with a short wheel base, engineered tubing profiles and track geometry. The bike conforms to weight distribution and thus you don’t need to jostle it. The steering responds well, but not in a twitchy manner, and thus the bike tracks well and easy to control. The sprocket and the 48 by 16 chain wheel are well set-up, which makes up-winding and down-winding pretty stress-free. However, winding on hills is such a challenge since this is a single speed bike. The bike has both front and back brakes, just as the traditional ones. The brakes are made with a smooth feel, but they are less startling than one would expect ask for it s price.

If you enjoy riding with drop bars, you will enjoy this bike. I’m not a regular drop bar rider, but I enjoyed using the bars on the bike. The bike set-up and traditional design is great for drop bars. If the track drop bars are virtually similar, you will enjoy it better than I did.

I can’t tell the grade you will give this bike, but as for me I think it is an A-grade. But with all that said, I can’t fail to mention my disappointment with the bike’s pedals. They don’t deserve to be on this bike, and possibly they might be your only outright downside of this bike. On scale of five, I would give the pedals a score of 3.

Generally, the Bianchi Pista has a perfect blend of supple fee, agility, weight and performance. While the price tag has more to do with the lineage and cache of the Bianchi brand, the bike is great and will probably hold its value if you consider durability as a primary benchmark. In short, the bike is not as light as you would expect or want it to be, but it is made with racing geometry for performance. With this Italian bike, you are best assured of long miles and smiles.

COLOR Celeste, Black
SIZES 49-51-53-55-57-59-61
FRAME Bianchi Cr-Mo (steel) butted
FORK Bianchi Cr-Mo, 1″
CASSETTE Shimano SS-7600 fixed, 16T
BRAKES Reparto Corse, front & rear
WHEELS Maddux Track F15
TIRE Hutchinson Nitro 700 x 23
STEM Bianchi alloy
HANDLEBAR Premetec 4002R Steel, Chrome
BAR TAPE / GRIPS Velo VLT-004 , cork
SEATPOST Bianchi alloy
SADDLE Velo VL-1166
PEDALS Wellgo LU-895

Bianchi Pista
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