Bianchi VIA Nirone 7 Review

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Long or mid distance cycling requires a comfortable bike with high level of performance. The Via Bianchi VIA Nirone 7 is such a bike, which endures mid to long distances with an outstanding performance without sacrificing comfort. The bike is made with triple butted 7000 series aluminium frame with the latest hydroformed section.

The long hours on the road can be very tiring, but courtesy of the K-Vid technology, the Via Nirone 7 is able to filter and eliminate vibrations from the road to make the cycling smooth and seating on the saddle comfy. The saddle itself is perfectly positioned and bike geometrics are uniquely tweaked for dedicated long distance ridding.

Available at:

EvansCycles: £ 833

The Bianchi VIA Nirone 7 family is a collection of stylish road bikes of excellent performance and a pedigree of unparalleled comfort. Their geometry are made for road racing and but their components differ from one model to another. If you consider these features, the bikes are exceptionally easy on the pocket. Here is a concise review of the different models of bikes in this family.

a. The Bianchi VIA Nirone 7 2300

This bike is an entry level product, but it already moving the masses. The bike has most of the features of the VIA Nirone 7bikes, but brings in a PG alloy frame and a uniquely tailored carbon folk. Just like other family members, it is very strong, yet light, and designed to absorb vibrations. The Shimano 2300 comes with a Reparto Corse set of wheels, handlebars, seat-post and stem. The brakes and gears are well installed. The active Bianchi Saddle, which comes alongside additional accessories, increase comfort while riding.

b. The Bianchi Via Nirone 7 Sora

The Sora model is made of a hydroformed alloy frame of the triple butted 7000 series and just like Shimano 2300, it includes a uniquely tailored carbon folk. It comes with a RC-471 breaks, gearing and superior Hutchinson Nitro tyres that overcome wet grounds and give great spinning momentum in the dry surfaces.

c. Xenon

If you want to divert from the Shimano components, then Xenon is the best choice for you. This bike has a similar frame as the Shimano Sora, but its components are completely different. The bike uses the Campagnolo Xenon kit components instead of the Shimano, and this is why it is named Xenon. While the bike is a relatively expensive, it comes with a San Marco Ponza Power Saddle and Hutchinson Equinox, which is a good explanation for the extra money cash.

d. The Nirone 7 Tiagra

This is another bike that uses the Shimano components; however, its saddle, tyres and a few other components are same as Xenon’s. The Shimano main features, 7000 series alloy frame and carbon fork, are included. You will get the best of the bike ridding on compact road bikes. It is a good choice for those who like Xenon but would prefer to stick with Shimano equipment.

e. The Bianchi Via Nirone 7 Veloce

This is my favourite of all the Bianchi Via Nirone family. It exploits all the geometry privileges of family to provide excellent seating posture for maximum performance. With the family alloy frame, which is made such that it is able to sustain long distances, you are able to successfully complete the journey without feeling overly exhausted. The efficiency of this bike relies on its frame design, which enables it to efficiently utilize energy expenditure. From a distance, the frame looks like it is made of the expensive carbon, but it is just a smoothly welded metal alloy. The welded joints are hardly visible making the bike standout among its peers. The technical side of the bike is even better. It has the light Campagnolo Veloce drivetrain that facilitate frugal pedalling while maintaining the bike’s speed. The Nirone 7 Veloce allows you to move fast with the least possible energy, whether training or racing.

Available at:

EvansCycles: £ 833

Frame Hydroformed alloy
Group Set Campagnolo Xenon/FSA Vero chainset
Tyres Hutchinson Equinox
Weight 9.6kg (21.3lb)
Wheels Reparto Corse Versus

Bianchi VIA Nirone 7 Review
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